Cell-free Massive MIMO: scalability, signal processing and power control

Cell-free massive MIMO might be one of the core 6G physical layer technologies. One of my students, Giovanni Interdonato, defended his Ph.D. thesis on this topic earlier this week. In this video, he speaks with me about his thesis work and his time as a doctoral student.


7 thoughts on “Cell-free Massive MIMO: scalability, signal processing and power control”

  1. Nice topic. Congratulations.
    I have a question on normalizing the precoder in cell free massive MIMO systems. In the distributed form of this technology, do we just normalize the precoder of each access point as in the single cell massive MIMO? Or do we have to consider the number of APs too, to limit the total transmit power? How about the centralized case?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. One has to satisfy all the power constraints at all the APs. Normalizing a precoder is essentially the same thing as carrying out power allocation/control and thus needs to be optimized to get good performance. This is all explained in my book “Foundations of User-Centric Cell-Free Massive MIMO”.

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