About this blog

This blog is hosted by Erik G. Larsson, IEEE Fellow and Professor at Linköping University, Sweden, and Emil Björnson, Visiting Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Associate Professor at Linköping University. We also publish guest posts.

The objective is to provide an entry point to learn about Massive MIMO, and a forum that highlights the most important new literature, scientific/experimental results and insights that are becoming available – along with expert commentary. As the amount of work published on Massive MIMO continues to grow on an unprecedented scale, we hope that this blog will provide a useful service to the community by helping to distill the most relevant reads and debunking the most significant misconceptions.

Comments to any items published here are invited, but all discussion will be moderated. Submitted comments should be substantive and written in proper English. Minor editing of the comment might take place to ensure clarity. Questions or suggestions for topics may be submitted to the blog organizers via email.

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