Episode 11: Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

We have now released the eleventh episode of the podcast Wireless Future, with the following abstract:

The wireless medium must be shared between multiple devices that want to access various services simultaneously. To avoid interference, the devices have traditionally taken turns, which is known as orthogonal multiple access. The use of non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) techniques, where the devices are interfering in a controlled manner, was a popular theme in the research leading up to 5G. In this episode, Emil Björnson and Erik G. Larsson discuss the different forms of NOMA, and what their benefits and weaknesses are. They discuss what role NOMA plays in 5G and might play in future wireless technologies. To learn more, they recommend the article “Is NOMA Efficient in Multi-Antenna Networks? A Critical Look at Next Generation Multiple Access Techniques.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 11: Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access”

  1. Thank you, very insightful comments and it is great to clarify what is generally understood with acronyms such as NOMA which can have more or less broad meaning!

    I fully agree that space domain multiplexing is an excellent solution in Massive MIMO. I would like to point out however that in the special case of random user activation (especially with many users and low activation probability), CSI acquisition becomes a serious issue in mMIMO due to pilot collisions. In this case (I mean random access), other approaches such as algebraic-domain non-orthogonal methods can be very helpful. Refer for instance to the paper “Tensor-Based Modulation for Unsourced Massive Random Access”, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, March 2021 (disclaimer: I am one of the authors!).

    1. Thank you for listening. I agree with you and I think Erik also had this type of methods in mind when he briefly mentioned random/massive access as a good use case in the middle of the episode.

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