Episode 16: 6G and the Physical Layer (with Angel Lozano)

We have now released the 16th episode of the podcast Wireless Future, with the following abstract:

The research community’s hype around 5G has quickly shifted to hyping the next big thing: 6G. This raises many questions: Did 5G become as revolutionary as previously claimed? Which physical-layer aspects remain to be improved in 6G? To discuss these things, Erik G. Larsson and Emil Björnson are visited by Professor Angel Lozano, author of the seminal papers “What will 5G be?” and “Is the PHY layer dead?”. The conversation covers the practical and physical limits in communications, the role of machine learning, the relation between academia and industry, and whether we have got lost in asymptotic analysis. Please visit Angel’s website.

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One thought on “Episode 16: 6G and the Physical Layer (with Angel Lozano)”

  1. Could u plz make a post acout “Integrated Sensing and Communication”?
    There recently is a hot focus on it.

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