Episode 14: Q/A on MIMO, NOMA, and THz Communications

We have now released the 14th episode of the podcast Wireless Future, with the following abstract:

In this episode, Emil Björnson and Erik G. Larsson answer questions from the listeners on the topics of distributed MIMO, THz communications, and non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA). Some examples are: Is cell-free massive MIMO really a game-changer? What would be its first use case? Can visible light communications be used to reach 1 terabit/s? Will Massive MIMO have a role to play in THz communications? What kind of synchronization and power constraints appear in NOMA systems? Please continue asking questions and we might answer them in later episodes!

You can watch the video podcast on YouTube:

You can listen to the audio-only podcast at the following places:

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