Machine Learning for Massive MIMO Communications

Since the pandemic made it hard to travel over the world, several open online seminar series have appeared with focus on different research topics. The idea seems to be to give researchers a platform to attend talks by international experts and enable open discussions.

There is a “One World Signal Processing Seminar Series” series, which has partially considered topics on multi-antenna communications. I want to highlight one such seminar. Professor Wei Yu (University of Toronto) is talking about Machine Learning for Massive MIMO Communications. The video contains a 45 minute long presentation plus another 30 minutes where questions are being answered.

There are also several other seminars in the series. For example, I gave a talk myself on “A programmable wireless world with reconfigurable intelligent surfaces“. On August 24, Prof. David Gesbert will talk about “Learning to team play”.

2 thoughts on “Machine Learning for Massive MIMO Communications”

  1. Thank you for all you do.

    Do you know the technical specs from 3GPP that define Massive MIMO such as TS 38.XXX?

    1. I don’t know the exact technical details in the 3GPP standard. My focus is on developing general, fundamental theory and then I leave it to the industry to determine which aspects that they want to implement and how.

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