Teaching a Course on Massive MIMO?

Our Cambridge book, Fundamentals of Massive MIMO, ships now from all major retailers.

Problem set: We have developed an extensive set of problems to go with the book. This problem set can be downloaded from the Cambridge resource page, www.cambridge.org/Marzetta, or from this direct link.

The difficulty level of the problem varies widely, rendering the material suitable for instruction at all levels. The problem set is very much a living document and may be extended or improved in the future. Many, though not all, of the problems have been tested on my students when I taught the subject last year. We appreciate, as always, comments or suggestions on the material.

A detailed solution manual is available to instructors who adopt the book.



List of errata: There is also a list of errata to the book – available via this direct link, or from the Cambridge resource page.

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One thought on “Teaching a Course on Massive MIMO?”

  1. I am a PhD student with research interest in massive MIMO channel characterization and modeling. I will be glad to have details of a summer school (or any school) where i can attend training in this area of specialization.

    Thank you.

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