Episode 9: Q/A on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

We have now released the ninth episode of the podcast Wireless Future, with the following abstract:

In this episode, Emil Björnson and Erik G. Larsson answer questions from the listeners on the topic of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces. Some examples are: What kind of materials are used? When can the technology beat traditional relays? How quickly can one change the surface’s configuration? Are there any real-time experiments? How can the research community avoid misconceptions spreading around new technologies?

You can watch the video podcast on YouTube:

You can listen to the audio-only podcast at the following places:

2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Q/A on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”

  1. Emil, Erik, thanks for a very nice and informative episode. You have touched upon possible regulatory issues. Could you discuss in some details, e.g., how does a RIS depend on carrier frequency? How does a RIS affect other service providers using different frequencies in the same service area?

    1. Hi Hong, thank you for listening!

      Figure 3 in the following paper show the frequency response of an RIS element, for a particular implementation:

      I think that similar behaviors will appear also for other implementations. The RIS might have a stable frequency response for a few hundred MHz. Since there is no bandpass filtering, the RIS will also affect the channels of other service providers in the same area.

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