Macrocell Massive MIMO at 4.5 GHz: Field Trials in Japan

This impressive experiment serves 23 terminals with 64 base station antennas, at 4.5 GHz carrier, with a reported total spectral efficiency in the cell of nearly 80 bps/Hz. Several of the terminals are mobile, though it is not clear how fast.

Merouane Debbah, Vice-President of the Huawei France R&D center, confirms to the Massive MIMO blog that this spectral efficiency was achieved in the downlink, using TDD and exploiting channel reciprocity. This comes as no surprise, as it is not plausible that this performance could be sustained with FDD-style CSI feedback.

Another piece of evidence, that the theoretical predictions of Massive MIMO performance are for real.

4 thoughts on “Macrocell Massive MIMO at 4.5 GHz: Field Trials in Japan”

  1. The experiment uses 2 antennas at each UE.
    It is important to mention that with respect to the trial last year, we have conducted experiments with a mixed of mobile (cars) and non mobile UE (last year, was fixed UE).

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