Episode 6: Q/A on Massive MIMO

We would like to thank our podcast listeners for all the questions that they have asked on social media. We decided to categorize the questions and answer those related to Massive MIMO in the sixth episode of the podcast Wireless Future. There will be further Q/A episodes next year. The new episode has the following abstract:

In this New Year’s special, Erik G. Larsson and Emil Björnson answer questions from the listeners on the topic of Massive MIMO. Some examples are: How are the antennas calibrated? Will digital beamforming replace analog beamforming? What is channel hardening and how is it related to power control? Can Massive MIMO interact with drones? Practical issues such as the peak-to-average-power ratio (PAPR) and effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) are also discussed.

You can watch the video podcast on YouTube:

You can listen to the audio-only podcast at the following places:

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